AED Locations
Location of District AEDs - for more information, please go to AED District Page
The Glen Rock School District has placed Automated External Defibrillators
(AEDs) in the following locations throughout the school district:


1. Outside of MS/HS Nurses’ Office
2. Outside of MS Gym/MS Office
3. Outside of MS Faculty Lounge (second floor, behind auditorium)
4. HS/MS Hallway D (outside female lavatory) D221
5. Art Wing Hallway C (Sponz Alley)
6. Science Wing (outside S-115)
7. Science Wing (across from S-232)
8. Outside of the HS Gym
9. Athletic Trainer carries AED
10. Coaches carry onto field (4)
Byrd School
11. Byrd School: Outside Health Office
Central School
12. Central School: Outside Health Office
Coleman School
13. Coleman School: Across from Health Office
Hamilton School
14. Hamilton School: Outside Health Office
*The Borough of Glen Rock has placed AEDs throughout
  all Athletic Field Complexes:
15. HS Baseball Field Fence along 1st base side
16. HS Booster Snack Stand, facing baseball field
17. Hamilton School Snack Stand, lavatory entrance
18 Hamilton School Field “B” fence along 1st base side
19. Coleman Athletic Fields on rear exterior of school, facing athletic fields
20. Central Athletic Fields on baseball field’s fence along 1st base side
21. Byrd School playground on rear exterior of school facing playground
22. Wilde Memorial Park on fence next to Main Entrance
23. Upper Faber Athletic Field on baseball field fence along 3rd base side
24. Lower Faber Athletic Field on Recycling Center’s fence towards Lower “A”
25. Sycamore Athletic Field on baseball field’s batting cage
26 Main Street Athletic Field on baseball field’s batting cage
*Please note that Borough devices will be removed from the athletic fields
during the winter season for maintenance and storage. All AED units will be 
removed starting no earlier than Nov. 15 and no later than Dec. 1 (weather permitting.) They will be returned no earlier than March 15 and no later than March 30 (weather permitting.)
2014 Coleman H.S.A 100 Pinelynn Road, Glen Rock, New Jersey 07452