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Class Parents are required, and all other members are encouraged, to attend all HSA meetings with the expectation that they will be learning about association activities and exchanging ideas and opinions in an open and respectful environment. 

Coleman Class Parent Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to be a Class Parent for the upcoming school year!  It is one of the best ways to become involved at Coleman school, but requires your time, commitment, and teamwork.  Be prepared to work hard, but have lots of fun!  The Class Parent Chairperson is Erica Bratspies.  Erica can be reached via email at ebratspies@optonline.net. In general, each class is assigned two Class Parents who were selected from the HSA committee sign-up sheets and email requests.


Please read the following responsibilities carefully.  If you cannot fulfill them, please let Erica know, as there are many parents who would like to be a Class Parent.

HSA Meetings

¦    As a Class Parent, you are required to attend HSA meetings.  HSA meetings times are 8:45 am and 7:30 spiespm.  If you or the other Class Parent cannot attend the meeting, please inform the Executive Board who will represent your class. 

¦    An email should be sent out to the entire class with your notes from the meeting, highlighting important information and dates of upcoming events.  Typically, this is information that is specific to your grade.

Back to School Night

¦    Please set up a meeting with your class teacher before Back to School Night to discuss your teacher’s expectations.  Find out what parties/activities/field trips will need volunteers.

¦    Prepare sign-up sheets for all volunteer opportunities.  Each class parent and teacher should get a copy of the volunteer sheets.  In many cases, teachers have sign up sheets available. 

¦    If the teacher wishes, provide nametags for parents.

¦    Include a sheet for all parents to record their email address so that as a Class Parent you can communicate with the entire class quickly.

¦    Contact information is to be used for class purposes only, and all emails must be blind cc’d.

¦    There are split sessions on Back to School Night, allowing for parents with multiple children to visit more than one classroom.  If you have more than one child at Coleman, you should first attend the class in which you are the class parent.

Coleman Café & Library Scheduling

¦    Class Parents will assist in recruiting volunteers for their grade level cafe.  Grade level Cafe leaders will reach out to class parents to coordinate dates and times of their event.

¦    Class Parents will assist in recruiting volunteers for library duty. Once parents are selected as schedule will be created and sent to Erica and Mrs. Kaufman.

Baked Goods

¦    One class parent from each class will provide a baked good ore supplies for the Welcome Back Coffee which occurs on the morning of the 1st day of school.

Teacher & Assistant Gifts 

¦    On October 1st, you should send out the teacher EOY (end of year) gift parties document which is located in FORMS, with a request to have parents return no later than October 31.

¦    By the end of October, class parents will be responsible for collecting $25 from each student. This amount will cover the cost of holiday ($10) and year-end ($10) gifts for the teacher, assistant(s) and lunch assistant(s) and $5 for class parties.  Request that parents give you CASH ONLY, no checks.

¦    As always, donating money is optional.

¦    Once you have collected money from the parents, complete the HSA monies collected form and return to Barbara Campbell (HSA treasurer).  You can either email it to him (barbaraacampbell@hotmail.com ) or place in the treasurer’s mailbox in the main office.  Please note that the HSA is not collecting the money, just the monies collected form.  The total amount of money you collect for class parties should be totaled and divided by 3.  That will be the amount you have to spend for each party. 

¦    Teachers cannot be given cash gifts, but gift cards are acceptable.  As always, the HSA encourages gift cards be purchased via SCRIP.

¦    For special events relating to your teacher such as engagements, weddings, births, etc, you are not required to collect for a gift.  Coordinating such gifts is a personal decision if your class wants to.  The dollar amount should not exceed the year-end guidelines ($25)

Class Trips

¦    Class Parents are expected to chaperone all class trips, which are a full school day (per teacher’s discretion).  If you are a working parent, please note the dates for the field trips so that you can schedule appropriately. 

¦    If additional parents are needed for a field trip, the teacher is responsible for selecting them.

¦    When you are volunteering in the classroom or on a trip you need to use the utmost discretion and confidentiality.   Being respectful of the classroom community is of the utmost importance.   If you believe a matter should be shared with a teacher, please do, otherwise it should not be shared with anyone else. 

Class Parties

¦    Each Class Parent will work closely with the classroom teacher to assist in organizing class parties which include:




                     Valentine’s Day

                    End of Year

¦    Remind parents what they signed-up to bring a week before the event. 


¦    As a Class Parent, you will sometimes be required to help recruit parents in your class for needed volunteers or chairs for HSA committees.


¦    Any non-HSA related information that you want sent home must be approved by Ms. Cappadona before it is distributed.  Please email her the information; she will approve it and return it to you for distribution.

¦    As a reminder, when sending emails, you must blind cc parents email addresses.

¦    If possible, please take pictures of class events to be saved and used for the 5th grade yearbook.

¦    If there are very ill or hospitalized children in your class, please notify the HSA Corresponding Secretary (Eric Bratspies at ebratspies@optonline.net ) as soon as possible.

Grade Specific Responsibilities

¦    Kindergarten:  Organize and send reminders to volunteers for Computer and Reading sessions. 

¦    First Grade:  Organize and send reminders to volunteers for Computer Lab. 

¦    Second Grade:  Assisting with the Gingerbread Houses. 

¦    Third Grade:  Work with teachers to coordinate Walking Tour 

                             Organize and plan for the International Luncheon. 



Trimester 1:  

Trimester 2:  

Trimester 3: 



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