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To introduce culture to our children

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Coleman HSA Executive Board


Allisan Emes and Laurie Mastellone - Co Presidents 
Melissa Antonelli and Lynda Coppola - Co - 1st Vice Presidents 
Erica Bratspies - 2nd Vice President 
Barbara Campbell - Treasurer
Naomi Lin- Assistant Treasurer
Hilary Gerber - Webmaster
Colleen Manley - Recording Secretary
Kristen Heller - Corresponding Secretary

H.S.A - What is that?


H.S.A. - What is that?

The Coleman School Home School Association (HSA) is a non-profit volunteer organization that supports Coleman School and its students. The Coleman H.S.A. contributes to the maintenance of high quality education, provides weekly communication between parents, teachers and students, and carefully selects a diversity of programs and assemblies that will allow each child to experience something new.  Our fundraising efforts allow the H.S.A to support these activities and teachers to enhance everyday learning.

Where does the fundraising money go?

The money raised by the H.S.A. is used to fund educational enhancement for Coleman School.  Some of the items purchased over the years by the H.S.A include; new laptops to support learning and the new foreign language curriculum, laptop carts and docking stations, 2013 encyclopedia set for the learning center, wireless microphones for music and assemblies, rock wall for physical education, new books for every classroom library, dinning supplies for Coleman Café , panels for art and picture display, 2 indoor/outdoor ping pong tables, murals for the school, Lego sets, picnic benches, games for every classroom and assemblies. This year the H.S.A has funded assemblies/programs such as; Dinosaur Rocks, Health Barn Salad Bar Tasting, A Day in Clay, Chinese New Year Puppet Celebration and PUSH Theater. These programs and assemblies would not be possible without the support of our membership and executive board.

How do I stay informed?

Members and non members are invited to attend monthly HSA meetings.  Attending HSA meetings is one of the best ways to stay informed about happenings at Coleman School and the school district.  You can learn about everything going on at school, and it’s a good way to share your ideas.  The meetings alternate monthly between evenings and afternoons.  Dates, times, and locations can be found on the Coleman H.S.A website – www.colemanhsa.org.

How can I help? 

There are many ways to get involved with the Coleman School H.S.A, whether you are working, have children at home, or are just looking to get involved. Everyone’s contribution is important.  

What is the Federated H.S.A. and what is Coleman’s H.S.A role?

The purpose of Federated is to promote the general welfare of the public schools of Glen Rock through the cooperation of the Glen Rock district's individual school Home and School Associations and to discuss topics, issues, and/or concerns important to schools district-wide. Some topics discussed are homework policies, security, technology, academics, and building maintenance.

The Federated HSA consists of representatives from each school's HSA, the Special Education Parent Advisory Council, Glen Rock's Superintendent of Schools, principals from each school, the Community School director, and representatives from the Glen Rock Education Association and the Glen Rock Board of Education.

All parents are invited to attend Federated meetings. Come and hear what's happening at all of our schools! Meetings will take place four times during the school year.  

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Trimester 1:  Friday, December 16, 2016

Trimester 2:  Friday, March 24, 2017

Trimester 3: Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kindergarten:  Friday, February 7, 2017;

                                Thursday, June 22, 2017


09/13/16 9 AM
11/17/16 7:30 PM
1/17/17 9 AM
3/14/17 9 PM
6/13/17 7:30 PM






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